Catering FAQ’s

Are paper products included with my order?

Paper products are sold separately. Plates and cutlery kits are $.50 per person and paper products with cups are $1.00 per person.

Are buns included with my order?

Buns are included in the packs but sold separately otherwise ($.50 per bun).

Do you provide warming sets for delivery?

We can provide disposable, wire chafing sets on delivery. They are $12 a set.

Are serving utensils included in my order?

If we are delivering your catering order we will include serving utensils. If you are planning on picking your order up from a restaurant serving utensils will not be included.

What is your service/delivery area?

We will travel up to one hour away from our Uptown Corner location.

Is there an order minimum on deliveries?

We have a $300 order minimum for deliveries within a 25 mile radius from our Uptown Corner restaurant. We have a $500 order minimum on all deliveries that are over 25 miles  but that are not more than an hour away.

Are pick-up orders still considered catering?

If your order is under $300 and/or you would prefer to pick-up from either one of the restaurant locations please contact them directly to place your order rather than going through catering.

Do you provide bartenders?

We provide bartenders if we are providing the bar as well. We are also happy to work with other bartending services. Our staff typically arrive and depart together so if your bar extends longer than food service you must pay for all staff to remain onsite.

If I am picking up from a restaurant can I still order from the catering menu?

Yes, you can order from the Catering Menu and pick it up rather than have it delivered. However, depending on the item(s) there may be a certain amount of notice required. There are also several specialty items that are NOT regularly available for pick-up.

How much advance notice do you need to place a catering order?

For deliveries we need at least 48 hours advanced notice and for on-site, attended events we require at least one week notice. During our busy seasons we sometimes need more notice, most especially for attendant events. In general, we suggest placing your order as early as possible as dates can fill up.

Do you provide tables and linens?

We do not provide tables or linens for buffets, bars or drink stations.

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