The Sweet P’s  Soul House location will be CLOSED July 2nd through the 9th (6/2-6/9). The Downtown Dive location will be open for normal business hours.


Specializing in the art of smoked foods Sweet P’s prides itself on doing things the right way in the tradition of it’s southern heritage..slow and low.


Our menu is a fresh take on soul food classics turning old favorites into Sweet P’s originals. Everything is made daily using fresh ingredients and the highest quality of meats.

Come on by and experience a modern twist on soul food

Sweet P's Grub
Sweet P's Grub

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Chris Ford turned his love of southern cuisine into Sweet P’s, a catering company founded in 2005. Working out of his home with the help of his wife and daughter (Sweet P) the company grew through word of mouth and a reputation of having authentic barbeque, great sauces and out of this world sides. In 2008 it was time to bring a partner on to open a dine in location. Jonathan Ford, Chris’s cousin, would fill that role making the company a true family affair.

Located on the little river in Knoxville, TN Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House opened to rave reviews in the spring of 2009. With it’s family juke joint atmosphere and great entertainment not to mention the award winning food Sweet P’s quickly garnered local praise and national media attention. In 2010 Sweet P’s made their national TV debut appearing on the Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food. In the spring of 2015 Sweet P’s second location, the Downtown Dive, opened to an incredible reception filling a barbecue void that the downtown community was craving.


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  • 5 star ratingAwesome place!!! The pimento cheese dip is next level! The ribs were awesome too. All of the food was good,... read more

    Justin F. Avatar Justin F.

    4 star ratingIt's pretty good. The meats were all cooked extremely well--which surprisingly a lot of bbq places don't do well. The... read more

    Ha N. Avatar Ha N.

    4 star ratingWe go to sweet P's all the time. If you're in the mood for some consistently good bbq, this is... read more

    Donna B. Avatar Donna B.

    5 star ratingWe did the take out thing, we split the sampler and three sides, it was the best Tennessee BBQ I... read more

    Lou S. Avatar Lou S.
  • 4 star ratingTheir barbecue was pretty good. The serving size was a bit larger than average. They are a bit on the... read more

    Joe A. Avatar Joe A.

    5 star ratingAte here while passing through to Florida from Michigan. Great easy parking. Not a dive at all, but rather a... read more

    Jack G. Avatar Jack G.

    5 star ratingEverywhere I go I always try the local BBQ, but there's no place like home  Sweet P's is my favorite... read more

    Jonathan H. Avatar Jonathan H.

    4 star ratingFound this Place on #Yelp ! The food was amazing I had a half rack of ribs with the Mac... read more

    Maya S. Avatar Maya S.
  • 5 star ratingGood food. Here's what you should order:  BBQ burrito with brisket and Mac and cheese in it. Add both the... read more

    Ken L. Avatar Ken L.

    4 star ratingMy husband and I just moved here from California, so we're fairly novice in the bbq world, but we have... read more

    Kaylin Y. Avatar Kaylin Y.

    5 star ratingGood lord does this place have good ribs!!  I don't like ribs slathered in sauce, so they just left them... read more

    Michael S. Avatar Michael S.

    4 star ratingCame on a coworker's recommendation as a last farewell dinner for one of the interns. Saw the Friday sausage special... read more

    Remin31 .. Avatar Remin31 ..
  • 5 star ratingWow!!! Another hidden gem! My husband has lived here most of his life and he didn't know this place existed.... read more

    Melissa B. Avatar Melissa B.

    5 star ratingAmazing ribs. The meat was literally falling off the bone as soon as I picked it up. These guys truly... read more

    Jennifer L. Avatar Jennifer L.

    5 star ratingOK people. I travel a lot. This food was so good. I have the brisket chicken pulled pork mac &... read more

    Cliff C. Avatar Cliff C.

    5 star ratingYUGE serving sizes, YUGE flavor, YUGE fan. Fair prices and some seriously fresh food. Beer selection is top notch so... read more

    Brock H. Avatar Brock H.
  • 5 star ratingSweet P's is a fantastic BBQ joint. In a location that is a short walk from the heart of downtown,... read more

    Turner M. Avatar Turner M.

    4 star ratingThis place is exactly what we were looking for in terms of southern bbq. I ordered a brisket. It was... read more

    Micah C. Avatar Micah C.

    5 star ratingThe BBQ here is delicious!! Everyone here is really nice. We stopped here on our way to New Orleans, coming... read more

    Misty W. Avatar Misty W.

    5 star ratingI went for lunch this past week and I'm so glad I did. The food was tasty and the quality... read more

    Monica C. Avatar Monica C.
  • 5 star ratingGreat Wings! Really good macaroni. Definitely worth the stop!! We were able to have our dog with us on the... read more

    Shayla S. Avatar Shayla S.

    4 star ratingSouthern comfort!  This spot has delectable options.  Yes they are pricier than some other bbq joints in town but this... read more

    Lily F. Avatar Lily F.

    5 star ratingThis was some of the best BBQ I've ever eaten. I chose the chicken plate with green beans and tater... read more

    Kristy K. Avatar Kristy K.

    5 star ratingSweet P's is BBQ. Everything here is delicious so bring an empty stomach. Your wallet won't be hit hard because... read more

    Aaron F. Avatar Aaron F.
  • 5 star ratingLove the barbecue (I've now had their pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. All great.) I can't speak to their sauces.... read more

    Shane S. Avatar Shane S.

    5 star ratingIf you're looking for a cafeteria-style, family friendly place for awesome bbq, this is the place. It's a little bit... read more

    Chris P. Avatar Chris P.

    5 star ratingGreat Place! I stopped here from a trip across the US and the food was excellent! I ordered the BBQ... read more

    Tony F. Avatar Tony F.

    5 star ratingAbsolutely incredible.  I love using the food network app to find new places. We had the sampler and a burrito.... read more

    Missie S. Avatar Missie S.
  • 5 star ratingI have always loved this place, but decided my last visit warranted a new review.  While I didn't see me... read more

    Brian G. Avatar Brian G.

    4 star ratingWe stopped here on our way home from a road trip. Right off I-75. The food was great. Had the... read more

    Samantha U. Avatar Samantha U.

    5 star ratingOur very favorite BBQ in Knoxville!  They've got it going on.

    Delish trio plater w/ potatoe salad & slaw.

    Long wait lines... read more

    Diane Y. Avatar Diane Y.

    5 star ratingI will admit, the price is somewhat high, but this food really takes you to a backyard barbecue. One of... read more

    Wylan F. Avatar Wylan F.
  • 4 star ratingAwesome Q! Nice atmosphere & very friendly.  Slap your granny good mac 'n cheese & confetti slaw with minimal (that's... read more

    D S. Avatar D S.

    5 star ratingWe were passing through Knoxville on the way to Gatlinburg on our honeymoon. I saw this place on Yelp and... read more

    Emily S. Avatar Emily S.

    5 star ratingExcellent BBQ in Knoxville.  The brisket is top notch and all of the sides, just spot on!!  Banana pudding is... read more

    Mark L. Avatar Mark L.

    5 star ratingNot Memphis barbecue but it is great!! My mom recommended we go when she came in town for the LSU... read more

    Taryn M. Avatar Taryn M.
  • 5 star ratingI love good bbq and I found some good "q" at Sweet P's.  I ordered he bbq burrito.  It was... read more

    Nancy H. Avatar Nancy H.

    5 star ratingAmazing BBQ.  Had bbq chicken with Mac n cheese and greens.  Plenty of meat and my son also has banana... read more

    L E. Avatar L E.

    4 star ratingFood was very good. Highly recommend the wings with the dry rub and the mac n cheese.

    When my daughter... read more

    Margarita G. Avatar Margarita G.

    5 star ratingWe were passing thru Knoxville and Yelp said we had to stop here. Quick detour from Interstate. We had their... read more

    Win G. Avatar Win G.
  • 5 star ratingDelicious but a bit pricey. order the BBQ burrito with mac n'cheese... it's totally worth it.

    Sean M. Avatar Sean M.

    4 star ratingGood food and comfy atmosphere. Ribs were delicious and Mac and cheese was A-1 for a dining purchase versus making... read more

    Andrea W. Avatar Andrea W.

    5 star ratingThis by far is one of the best BBQ places I have eaten at! The ribs were seasoned perfectly and... read more

    Malinda M. Avatar Malinda M.

    5 star ratingI've never had a bad meal here! My favorite is the beef brisket with double mac and cheese. Yum! Delicious... read more

    Leann C. Avatar Leann C.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is AMAZING!  Food was great, staff very friendly and an awesome atmosphere!  Depending on what's going on downtown... read more

    Nichole M. Avatar Nichole M.

    5 star ratingThis is about as good of bbq as you'll get most any place, and I'm speaking as a visitor from... read more

    Derrick C. Avatar Derrick C.

    5 star ratingWe stopped here in the middle of a road trip from SC to Ohio, and it worth the detour. I... read more

    Scott M. Avatar Scott M.

    5 star ratingI ordered the Meatloaf sandwich with Mac n cheese. Both were nicely done. I appreciated the interactions with the friendly... read more

    Raquelle Z. Avatar Raquelle Z.
  • 4 star ratingBest barbeque in Knoxville!

    What really sets Sweet P's apart for me are their wonderful Barbeque burritos that are simply outstanding!.... read more

    Alex W. Avatar Alex W.

    5 star ratingThe food was great and I love the 1982 World's Fair theme. The BBQ is on point, the macaroni is... read more

    David M. Avatar David M.

    5 star ratingThis a very good restaurant. The BBQ'd pork is tasty. The sauces are all worth trying. Very friendly atmosphere. We... read more

    Manuel F. Avatar Manuel F.

    5 star ratingEnjoyed a great lunch here today. We ordered the brisket w/ mac n cheese & pinto beans and the Turkey... read more

    Amanda B. Avatar Amanda B.
  • 5 star ratingIt was all excellent! We had the sampler platter which is a lot of food. The mac and cheese side... read more

    Lisa A. Avatar Lisa A.

    4 star ratingThis place is dynamite. Never had a bad meal and the sides are as good as the meat. I'm not... read more

    Joey B. Avatar Joey B.

    4 star ratingThis places ribs were great , when the meat about falls off then I know I like it. The sauces... read more

    Joan H. Avatar Joan H.

    4 star ratingDisclaimer; when I'm traveling, and the wife can't adequately monitor my meat and beer intake, my default choice of eating... read more

    Philip R. Avatar Philip R.
  • 4 star ratingThis is truly a good BBQ place. The thick sauce was my favorite follow by the hot sauce which wasn't... read more

    Nancy F. Avatar Nancy F.

    4 star ratingNormally when we have a craving for BBQ, we head to Sweet P's Soul House - it was closed today... read more

    Christina W. Avatar Christina W.

    4 star ratingGreat place! Atmosphere is what a BBQ joint should be. Rustic, yet clean. And the food was better than good.... read more

    Craig B. Avatar Craig B.

    5 star ratingCame to Knoxville (from NJ) to see a Vols game and we had this place on our agenda from the... read more

    Eric H. Avatar Eric H.
  • 5 star ratingOn our last cross country road trip I found this place on Yelp.  The pictures of the mac n cheese... read more

    Michelle B. Avatar Michelle B.

    5 star ratingFantastic ribs! Loved the mac n cheese! Beer was cold! Wings were phenomenal! Rusty the bartender was a delight!

    Paulette R. Avatar Paulette R.

    4 star ratingDown visiting my friends at Knoxville and I heard about the great BBQ available here.

    This downtown dive had an upbeat... read more

    Simon C. Avatar Simon C.

    5 star ratingDive is a good word to describe this place but it's the kinda dive you'll actually want to eat at!

    It's... read more

    Andre K. Avatar Andre K.
  • 5 star ratingThis is great BBQ even for a BBQ snob. The sides items are perfect and atmosphere matches. Our biggest complaint... read more

    Seth T. Avatar Seth T.

    4 star ratingAnother great find thanks to Yelp! Passing through town and looking for a good dinner stop. What I really appreciated... read more

    Rachel J. Avatar Rachel J.

    5 star ratingMy fiancé and I are Canadians vacationing here who were seeking the real Southern BBQ we have heard so much... read more

    Cat D. Avatar Cat D.

    5 star ratingDelicious BBQ. Three different house BBQ sauces; one of which I bought and brought back to Houston. I was there... read more

    Andrew H. Avatar Andrew H.
  • 4 star ratingFirst visit and I'm impressed. Got the three meet sampler - pork, ribs, brisket, and the Mac and cheese, green... read more

    Dave H. Avatar Dave H.

    5 star ratingThis is the best barbecue in Knoxville. Me and my wife got the sample platter, so I got to try... read more

    Brient K. Avatar Brient K.

    5 star ratingDry rub wings are so good they could make a nun cuss. Fried pickles are what dreams are made of.... read more

    Vivian B. Avatar Vivian B.

    5 star ratingWe ate here because the ratings were great on Yelp. We were not disappointed!!! The nachos are absolutely incredible. The... read more

    Whitney L. Avatar Whitney L.
  • 5 star ratingWe had our favorite BBQ here from our DC to Knoxville roadtrip! My boyfriend and I shared a sample platter,... read more

    Christine L. Avatar Christine L.

    5 star ratingThis place is my go-to for wings/bbq downtown Knoxville. It is the perfect balance of approachable and delicious.

    Calvin D. Avatar Calvin D.

    5 star ratingThis place is a good as advertised. The ribs were fantastic, and the mac and cheese was a game changer.

    Max B. Avatar Max B.

    5 star ratingOkay so are you wanting some good BBQ and soul food? This is the place. The wings are the best... read more

    Matthew H. Avatar Matthew H.
  • 4 star ratingPricey but great food would go weekly but twice a year budget,spend that amount I'm going to ye ole.or Ruth's

    Wade S. Avatar Wade S.

    4 star ratingFirst day in Knoxville, we found this place on yelp. I went in and quickly let them know I was... read more

    Eric F. Avatar Eric F.

    5 star ratingPretty good. BBQ is a hit or miss for me but the food at Sweet P's was pretty awesome. And... read more

    Chris G. Avatar Chris G.

    4 star ratingVery good BBQ joint!  We had a sampler platter as well as chicken wings (both wet and dry).  Everything was... read more

    Douglas C. Avatar Douglas C.
  • 5 star ratingTasty 'Q with quick service.  Have been twice and left a happy camper both times.  Reasonably priced as well.

    Christopher P. Avatar Christopher P.

    5 star ratingThis place has the best BBQ I've ever had!  The atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable.we ate in their outdoor... read more

    Tom K. Avatar Tom K.

    4 star ratingWow, great food!! We had the pulled pork, Mac n cheese and green beans, and it was amazing!

    It was... read more

    Chelsea T. Avatar Chelsea T.

    5 star ratingAmazing. Every single time. I really can't say anything bad. The fried pickle spears are incredible, the nachos and burrito... read more

    Amanda B. Avatar Amanda B.
  • 5 star ratingWow this was delicious barbecue! I got the platter with a pulled pork sandwich, Mac and cheese, and potato salad,... read more

    Ty B. Avatar Ty B.

    5 star ratingI had family from out of the country come for a visit and one of their requests was some barbeque.... read more

    Erica W. Avatar Erica W.

    4 star ratingMy first time here. I can't say anything about the pork because I didn't try it but I am assuming... read more

    Blanca C. Avatar Blanca C.

    5 star ratingAfter the total disaster that was Central BBQ in downtown Memphis, I was completely skeptical to trying another BBQ. I... read more

    Luan P. Avatar Luan P.
  • 4 star ratingMy go-to here is to share the sampler plate. It will definitely be enough for 2 hungry people.  They have... read more

    Vanessa N. Avatar Vanessa N.

    5 star ratingTop Notch BBQ... great brisket with side of mac n cheese and green beans.  Pricing is fair and staff is... read more

    Jim M. Avatar Jim M.

    4 star ratingThis place was recommended by my client while traveling for work. The staff was very friendly, helpful and  accommodating .... read more

    Mac M. Avatar Mac M.

    5 star ratingWe walked in here with no clue what to get.  The guy behind the counter said hands down, the best... read more

    Sandra D. Avatar Sandra D.
  • 4 star ratingWas driving through and stopped by for a bite. Decided to get the chicken which had a nice smokey flavour.... read more

    Ariana A. Avatar Ariana A.

    5 star ratingAuthentic bbq in Knoxville.  Tried the sausage, pulled pork, brisket, and ribs and all were scrumptious! I really like how... read more

    Chris G. Avatar Chris G.

    5 star ratingIt was awesome. The experience was laid havk and casual, but the food was top notch. The Cafeteria style allows... read more

    Britt D. Avatar Britt D.

    4 star ratingJust passing through Knoxville and chose based on reviews. Cool vibe spot a short distance off I40, but looked like... read more

    Linda W. Avatar Linda W.
  • 5 star ratingAwesome! Great food. Kids loved it. Best burrito ever had! Sit upstairs it's awesome.

    Christine P. Avatar Christine P.

    5 star ratingNot only is it great food, but they have a great staff. Banana bread pudding is to die for!

    Laura D. Avatar Laura D.

    5 star ratingDelicious. One of the best barbecue joints in Knoxville. Watch for the specials they have each day so you can... read more

    Michael L. Avatar Michael L.

    5 star ratingDelicious! My family and I came to try this place out based on reviews. We ordered the Sampler and tried... read more

    Madeleine A. Avatar Madeleine A.
  • 5 star ratingI absolutely love this place! The barbecue buttito is to die for!  All the side dishes are wonderful, and the... read more

    Chuck C. Avatar Chuck C.

    5 star ratingBest BBQ in Knoxville! we have tried the others but this is my favorite. Great pulled pork plate! The pork... read more

    Emmy H. Avatar Emmy H.

    4 star ratingHipster barbecue joint that doesn't disappoint. Good barbecue, good sides, wide selection of craft brews and they have some gluten... read more

    Court M. Avatar Court M.

    5 star ratingOrdered the sampler and was more than satisfied! Mac and Cheese was fuego!! Great atmosphere and  awesome food!

    Hector E. Avatar Hector E.
  • 4 star ratingGood portions, great sauces. Neat atmosphere. Probably the best brisket in town-not Texas smoked brisket but a neat twist with... read more

    Charlie A. Avatar Charlie A.

    5 star ratingNow, I love good ribs... No disappointment here. Loved the rub & tenderness of their ribs. We chose the Sampler... read more

    Brad F. Avatar Brad F.