Holiday Menu

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The holidays are right around the corner and Sweet P’s would love to help you help yourself. Our famous holiday menu is better than ever and covers the holiday spectrum. From smoked and fried turkeys to finger foods Sweet P’s can take care of all your holiday party needs. Call us today and let’s talk turkey!

Holiday Finger Foods

Priced per 50 items

Smoked Turkey Rolls
Our one of a kind smoked turkey breast on a yeast roll with homemade garlic tarragon mayo.

Hallelujah Ham Rolls
Smoked ham with Swiss cheese on a buttery poppy seed roll… Can we get an amen!

Jack Daniel Meatballs
Our number one selling holiday finger food for the last five years. Meatballs simmered in our in house prepared Jack Daniels barbecue sauce.

You Never Sausage a Stuffed Mushroom
Mushrooms stuffed with a pork sausage and cream cheese filling.

Andouille Red Buds
A baked new potato seasoned and stuffed with Andouille sausage, peppers and cheese.

Dawns Asparagus Blue Cheese Rolls
Served at many a holiday gathering in our family for the last 35 years.

Spinach Squares
A Southern-style spanakopita – delicious spinach squares with a mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.


Dips & Platters

Priced per 25 guests

The Smokin’ Cheese Log
A delicious blend of smoked cheese’s, bacon and pecans served with a variety of crackers. (vegetarian option available)

Baked Pimento Cheese Dip
Served everyday all year long in the restaurant, a can’t miss item for your party. Served with pita or house made potato chips.

Fresh Crudités Platter
Our one of a kind, made to order vegetable platters are beautiful and bountiful. Includes our homemade buttermilk peppercorn dressing.

Seasonal Fruit & Cheese Platter
Includes a hard white cheddar, brie and blue cheese, smoked almonds, dried cranberries, crackers and a variety of fresh seasonal fruits. A beautiful centerpiece for your holiday party.


Holiday Entrees & Sides

Smoked Beef Tenderloin
Class the joint up this season with a Sweet P’s classic. This whole beef tenderloin hand cut, smoked and seared to your liking will make you the most popular host in town.
$Market Price

Smoked Whole Turkeys
If it’s tradition you desire you have got to try our holiday rubbed turkey’s! We brine em’, rub em’, and smoke em’! This is how the holiday’s should taste!
$55 (14-16 lbs.)

Southern Fried Turkey
We have perfected the art of the fried turkey. Injected with our own special marinade this turkey comes out moist and dripping with flavor. If you haven’t tried one it is time you did.
$50 (10-12 lbs.)

Smoked Turkey Breasts
Turkey without all the pageantry but with the same results, moist and delicious.
$60 (6-8 lbs.)

Holiday Stuffed Pork Roast
Tender is an understatement! Filled with a rice, spinach, cranberry and smoked gouda cheese stuffing this pork loin is not only delicious but a beautiful addition to any holiday feast.
$65 (feeds 8)

Smoked Salmon
A whole side of wild caught salmon smoked to perfection. With or without accoutrements. (capers, red onion, rye bread, mustard spread)
$Market Price

Green Bean Casserole
A holiday classic done right.

Broccoli Puff
Think quiche without the crust. A cheesy fluffy casserole with fresh broccoli.

Pork Sausage Sage Stuffing
The stuff stuffing should be made of! Sausage, sage, hearty multi grain bread, mushrooms, celery, carrot, cranberry……there’s other stuff to but we can’t give away all of our secrets.

Scalloped Potatoes
Rich and creamy, if this does not inspire a New Year’s resolution nothing will.

Seasonal Roasted Root Vegetables
Locally grown root vegetables, a perfect side to balance out any great spread.

Spiced Whiskey Caramel Bread Pudding
This aromatic holiday classic starts with French bread soaked in a whiskey custard, then topped with house – made caramel and baked until golden brown.